Hinge Clamps with Flat Clamping Lever

with pneumatic position monitoring


  • Minimum dimensions
  • Partially immersed body
  • Mounting without pipes
  • Unimpeded loading and unloading of the fixture
  • Active insertion force for optimal contact
  • Workpiece clamping without any side loads
  • Flat clamping lever can be swivelled into small recesses
  • Long clamping lever (blank) adaptable to the workpiece
  • Pneumatic control of the clamping lever position (standard only double acting))
  • Metallic wiper edge for piston rod
  • Mounting position: any


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Hinge Clamps have a sturdy linkage configuration that moves the clamping arm forward as it pivots into clamping position. This specially designed linkage allows the clamp to exert nearly perfectly vertical clamping force. The clamping arm retracts fully for clear loading from above. Ideal for clamping in narrow recesses. Durable, economical clamp with an easy-to-clean mechanism and standard metallic wiper. The top-flange cartridge-type version shown here is designed specifically for space-saving manifold mounting.

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