Hinge Clamps for Low-Pressure Hydraulic

1000 psi max


  • available in five clamp sizes
  • double acting only
  • choice of three clamping directions – straight, left, or right
  • clamping force at 1000 psi with standard clamping arm
  • ideal for space-saving manifold mounting


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This unique series of Hinge Clamps provides considerable clamping force at lower hydraulic pressures, allowing direct connection to the low-pressure hydraulic system of a machine tool. These are extremely compact, heavy-duty clamps with a sturdy linkage configuration that moves the clamping arm forward as it pivots into clamping position. This specially designed linkage allows the clamp to exert nearly perfectly vertical clamping force. The clamping arm retracts fully for clear loading from above. Durable, economical clamp with an easy-to-clean mechanism, standard metallic wiper, and built-in throttle valve. The top-flange design is ideal for space-saving manifold mounting.
Available in five clamp sizes, double acting only, each with either a standard clamping arm with swivel contact bolt, a long clamping arm for customization, or without a clamping arm for a user-manufactured arm. Choice of three clamping directions – straight, left, or right. Clamping force at 1000 psi with standard clamping arm:
            580 Lbs
            790 Lbs
            990 Lbs
          1750 Lbs
          2700 Lbs
Clamping Action 
Applying fluid pressure to the A (clamping) port advances the piston, which is connected to the clamping arm. The arm moves forward as it pivots into position via a linkage. Switching pressure to the B (unclamping) port positively retracts the piston and the attached clamping arm.
Mounting & Fluid Supply 
 Dual mounting capability allows any clamp to be mounted using standard fittings or manifold mounting. Two 1/4″ BSPP ports. For optional manifold mounting, use the O-ring ports underneath, instead of the standard ports. Do not use NPT fittings. For manifold mounting, the mounting surface must be ground flat to ensure proper O-ring sealing. Fasten clamp with four socket-head cap screws.
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