Wedge Clamp

electro-mechanical, max. operating force 240 kN for Flat Clamping Edge


  • Increased operating safety by mechanical self-locking and monitoring of the clamping position
  • Control of the following functions: clamping and unclamping position, clamping force and speed of the clamping bolt
  • Compact electro-mechanical force package
  • Reclamping on the clamping point of yielding clamping edges possible
  • Even in case of power failure, safe and self-locking clamped
  • Optimum automation element
  • High-quality corrosion protection for drive and housing


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Electro-mechanical wedge clamps are used for hydraulic free clamping of dies on sliding tables, in injection molding machines and presses on bed and ram.

Max. clamp force (kN) 35
Stroke (mm) 28
Part no. HCR-XXX-XXX-XXX-1
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