Double Workholding System DUO

mechanically operated, horizontal and vertical applications


● compact design
● highest position and repetitive accuracy
● with 3rd-hand function
● extensive range of jaws
● easy to maintain

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The double workholding systems DUO is suitable for double clamping – both in horizontal and vertical applications. They have a short overall length, with high durability and precision. The guidance and sealing principle work without any delicate sheet metal covers or plastic wipers. The centrally arranged fixed jaw as a central jaw is without load and thus absolutely zero point stable. The workpieces are positioned close to each other, reducing the travel paths of the machining center to a minimum. The purely mechanical operation enables clamping also with low and always reproducible clamping forces. These characteristics turn the double workholding systems DUO into a flexible standard fixture for a wide variety of applications in modern production.

Max. clamp force (kN) 12 12
Length (mm) 240 200
Height (mm) 70 70
Type mechanically mechanically
Part no. CLR-9-3872-0201 CLR-9-3872-0101
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