Double Clamping System DS

clamping against the fixed jaw - mechanically/hydraulically


  • clamp up to 4 parts with a floating central jaw
  • safe loading and unloading using the 3rd hand function
  • for medium and large series with preferably short cycle times,

The Machine Vise, Double Clamping System DS, is mechanically or hydraulically operated, for single and row clamping. They have a top jaw, with horizontal or vertical mounting, and can clamp up to 4 parts with floating central jaw. A one-sided lead screw operation with 3rd hand function makes loading and unloading of the workpiece easy. Jaw widths include 100, 125, and 125 L (mm).

They have a max clamping force in 4 sizes listed below:

DS 100 M: 25 kN at 55 Nm
DS 125 M: 40 kN at 115 Nm
DS 100 H: 25 kN at 400 bar
DS 125 H: 40 kN at 400 bar

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DS hydraulic arraged in a row for clamping of workpieces which require several clamping points. Can be automated.