Control Panels

For Controlling Power Units


  • Oil tight enclosure
  • Pre-wired to terminal strip
  • Press safety interlock circuit
  • Clamp pressure LEDs
  • Keyed clamp switches
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Standard prewired control panels with keyed switches for clamp controls and standard switches for die lift controls. Includes pilot lights for power on, slide clamped and bed clamped. Latching relays are used for bottom dead center and press enable circuits. The control panel operates with 110 control voltage. Suitable for use with most Hilma power units.

Length (mm) 102 152
Width (mm) 203 254
Height (mm) 254 254
Part no. HCR-EC-S10 Control Panel HCR-EC-S11 Control Panel
Part no. HCR-EC-S20 Control Panel
Part no. HCR-EC-S21 Control Panel
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