Compact Clamps – Top Flange, Cartridge Type

3600 psi max


  • available in four clamp sizes
  • double acting only
  • clamping force at 3600 psi with standard clamping arm
  • extremely compact both in footprint and overall height
  • ideal for clamping in narrow recesses


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Compact Clamps have a sturdy lever mechanism that pivots into clamping position. These clamps are extremely compact both in footprint and overall height. The clamping lever pivots a full 90° for clear loading even when using custom long clamping levers. Ideal for clamping in narrow recesses. The top-flange cartridge-type version shown here is designed specifically for space-saving manifold mounting. Integrated pneumatic clamping monitoring allows checking for workpiece presence and clamping pressure.

Available in four clamp sizes, double acting only. Clamping force at 3600 psi with standard clamping arm:
            560 lbs
            900 lbs
          1680 lbs
          2360 lbs
Clamping Action 
Applying fluid pressure to the A (clamping) port advances the piston, which pivots the clamping arm into position. Switching pressure to the B (unclamping) port positively retracts the piston and the attached clamping arm.
Mounting & Fluid Supply 

Version 1 
With Bottom Cover
for Open-Bore Mounting
Manifold mounting in a bored through-hole, or with the accessory mounting block using standard fittings.

Version 2 
Without Bottom Cover
for Closed-Bore Mounting
Manifold mounting in a closed pockethole


Fasten clamp with four socket-head cap screws. Threaded-cartridge clamps have O-ring seals on their outside diameter, so they require a precision mounting hole. Carefully follow hole-preparation instructions in the drawings.  Fluid passages must be drilled exactly as shown. Do not use NPT fittings.
Clamping Arm 
Choice of standard short clamping arm (Left) or long blank clamping arm for customization (Right).
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