Clamping Nut

Mechanical with integral planetary gear


  • suitable for retrofit
  • compact design allows for multiple clamping
  • intensification of clamping force possible in case of multiple clamping
  • high clamping force with low torque
  • compensates for large clamping edge tolerances
  • easy manual clamping and unclamping
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Following manual positioning of the clamping nut against the clamping edge, the integral planetary gear is brought into action by turning the hexagon nut. As a result of the gear transmission, the tightening torque is multiplied. In order to reliably ensure the required clamping force, we recommend that a torque wrench is used.

T-Slot Size (mm) 28
Max. clamp force (kN) 100
Overall Diameter (mm) 102
Height (mm) 87
Weight (kg) 4.19
Part no. HCR-8.2276.0500 Clamping Nut
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Power clamping nut Product line MD for clamping chain wheels during milling