Clamping Nut

Mechanical with clamping force display


  • Clamping and Locking of dies on press beds and rams
  • Can be used on machine tool holders
  • Ideal for limited space applications
  • Used when oil-free clamping is desired
  • Temperature Resistance up to 150°C
  • 360° visual clamping force display
  • Provides a through-hole thread thus high adaptability to varying clamp heights and tolerances

Following manual positioning of the clamping nut against the clamping edge, the integral gear and the Belleville springs will be preloaded by turning the hexagon nut. As a result, a high clamping force is generated with a small torque.  The required clamping force is reliably displayed by clamping force display and the integrated Belleville spring assembly ensures reclamping of the clamping nut in the case of clamping edge changes.

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