Clamping Nut

Hydro-mechanical, Inch


  • clamping nut with a through thread, which means high adaptability to varying heights of clamping edges and tolerances
  • safe clamping using the clamping force indicator pin (option)
  • no need for adaptation of the tie rod length
  • suitable for retrofit
  • intensification of clamping force possible in the case of multiple clamping
  • high clamping force with low torque
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Designed for clamping and locking dies on press beds and rams, the hydro-mechanical clamping nut, delivers a high clamping force in a limited space. This tool clamping element is ideal for whenever clamping up to 150 kN is required without the use of hydraulics. The user manually positions the clamping nut against the clamping edge and then the integral hydraulic cushion is preloaded by turning the hexagon socket. Very low torque by the operator translates into a high clamping force. Used in die stamping, this clamping nut has a threaded through-hole which makes it highly adaptable to various clamp heights. A force indicator pin allows the user to visually determine when the clamp has reached maximum clamping force. It can be easily retrofitted onto existing systems thus increasing the clamping force achievable when multiple clamping is required

To survive in today’s competitive worldwide market, manufacturers are reducing inventory costs by running smaller batch sizes and making shorter production runs. One way to maximize press uptime in an environment like this is to implement faster more effective die changes with the hydro-mechanical clamping nut. The Quick Die Change System solutions helps manufacturers accomplish these goals, shortening die change time and making facilities more productive and profitable

T-Slot Size (mm) (13/16") (1-1/16") (1-5/16")
Max. clamp force (kN) 60 100 150
Stroke (mm) 2 2 2
Length (mm) 70 95 112
Width (mm) 70 95 112
Height (mm) 71 75 90
Weight (kg) 2.04 3.72 6.12
Part no. HCR-8.2275.0003 Clamping Nut HCR-8.2276.0003 Clamping Nut HCR-8.2277.0003 Clamping Nut
Accessory No. HCR-HM-TB075-0500 T-Bolt HCR-HM-TB100-0500 T-Bolt
Accessory No. HCR-HM-TB075-0700 T-Bolt
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Hex sockets; hydraulic piston