Clamping Block

Mechanical with integral high-pressure spindle, Inch/ASA T-Slot


  • high clamping force with low torque
  • compensates for large clamping edge tolerances
  • self-locking by patented wedge system
  • individually usable
  • clamping block with high-pressure spindle
  • mounted on spacer ledges
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The high-pressure spindle is manually screwed against the die clamping edge. The clamping force is built up by turning the hexagon nut (SW 1) in a clockwise direction using a torque wrench. The clamping force achieved depends on the tightening torque selected with the torque wrench.

Max. clamp force (kN) 40 80
Stroke (mm) 1.5 2.2
Length (mm) 104 126
Width (mm) 65 80
Height (mm) 91 111
Weight (kg) 2.30 4.00
Part no. HCR-2212-111 Clamping Block - Mech HCR-2213-111 Clamping Block - Mech
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Clamping system, laterally mounted on spacer ledges and centrally mounted on moveable T-slot adapters.