Clamping Bar

Single-acting with spring return, low profile, non-repairable


  • piston stroke 6 mm
  • compact low profile design
  • the full length of the stroke may be used
  • quick and easy retrofit
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The clamping bar is mounted on the press bed or ram using a spacer ledge. Clamping is carried out on the die clamping edge by applying hydraulic pressure to the 5 pistons which are arranged side by side and mechanically unclamped by spring return. Hydraulic oil is supplied through G 1/4 ports provided on both sides. Low profile design with chamfers for die insertion. Clamping force up to 35 kN uniformly distributed over 5 pistons. When using several clamping bars in a row, the elements are interconnected by means of hoses or tubing.

Max. clamp force (kN) 35
Pressure (bar) 400
Stroke (mm) 6
Hydraulic Connection G 1/4
Length (mm) 220
Width (mm) 65
Height (mm) 30
Weight (kg) 3.20
Part no. HCR-2095-120 Ledge Clamp
Accessory No. HCR-5.2071.0040 Spacer
Accessory No. HCR-5.2071.0071 Spacer
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Clamping bars installed in press bed and ram. Easy loading of dies using die change consoles and lateral guide rollers.

Clamping bar; Spacer ledge