Clamping Bar

Single-acting with spring return


  • piston stroke 8 mm
  • design with or without check valve
  • flat and compact design
  • stroke limitation fully utilizable
  • clamping force from 38.6 kN – 116 kN
  • suitable for retrofit
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The clamping bar is mounted on the press bed or ram using a spacer bar. Clamping is carried out on the die clamping edge by applying hydraulic pressure to the 2, 3 or 6 pistons which are arranged side by side and mechanical unclamped by spring return. Hydraulic oil is supplied through G1/4 ports provided on both sides. Designed with chamfers for die insertion. When using several clamping bars in a row, the elements are interconnected by means of hoses, tubing or plug-in connection.

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Retrofit of a double-column press. Easy loading of dies using chamfered spacer ledges and ball bars.