Cart Module WMS

Max. load 1350 lbs


  • suitable for workshop setups
  • easily coinable with modulg lifting modules
  • easy transport of heavy components or fixtures
  • low driving resistance
  • parking brakes with foot pedal operation at both sides
  • fixed rollers and steering rollers





The cart modules WMS are offered for two different loads. For the cart module WMS 200 the maximum admissible load is 2,000 N and for WMS 600 the maximum load is 6,000 N. The cart modules WMS consist of a welded sturdy steel frame with two fixed rollers and two steering rollers, which are equipped with a parking brake. The parking brakes of WMS 200 are individually operated. In version WMS 600 the brakes are coupled and can be operated from both sides by means of a foot pedal. In the centre of the steel frame there is a mounting plate. This plate is used for fixation of lifting modules. Alternatively workshop setups can be mounted at the steel frame.



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Lifting Cart -combined by cart module WMS 600, lifting module

Shop-Floor and a Table Plate.