Built-in Elements with Seals

piston and threaded bushing


  • space-saving installation of cylinders
  • compact fixtures
  • more workpieces per fixture
  • more machining space
  • less sensitive to swarf
  • sealing with very little leakage
  • individual adaptation possibilities



The built-in elements consist of the piston and threaded bushing. The piston is inserted into the location hole of the fixture. Then the built-in bushing is screwed into the fixture body. The bushing is let-in flush to the housing. Tightening of the threaded bushing is made with a pin-type face spanner. Sealing with minimum leakage at the piston rod is obtained by two independent sealing steps. In addition, a wiper protects against contamination. Sealing in the fit hole is made by an O-ring/backup ring combination.

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