Built-in Anti-Rotation Pistons

piston and threaded bushing, complete with seals


  • space-saving installation
  • more compact fixtures and tools
  • anti-rotation piston
  • no additional guides required
  • avoidance of squeezing points
  • compensation of torques independent of the piston position
  • compensation of side loads also eccentric load possible
  • solid fixing of the tools on the proven cone 1:10
  • high stiffness
  • stroke limitation by distance bushing possible
  • sealing with very little leakage
  • maintenance free

Built-in pistons are directly mounted into the fixture or tool body. Thus integrated hydraulic cylinders are formed which can produce both push and pull forces. The piston rod is protected against rotation by the polygon profile. In connection with the sturdy guide bushing, torques and side loads are compensated. External guiding elements are not required.
• Direct operation of tools for joining, pressing, and stamping.
• Guided operation of toolsets (cutters, stamps) e.g. for the finishing of pressed plastic mold parts.
• Guided displacement and pressing-in of assembly tools.
• Guided pressing-out of disassembly tools.

The polygon profile of the piston rod is a very sturdy and low-wear anti-rotation protection. Special rod seals adapt themselves very well to the relatively large radii. The rod guide by a screwed-in threaded bushing requires only little space, however it is not possible to predetermine the angle position of the piston. Therefore the piston rod does not have a radial positioning slot. But the cone 1:10 enables the exact aligning of the tools and a play-free connection with the piston. The front block, available as accessory, allows an exact centring and fixing of the tools. The location hole for the built-in piston is made by the customer. Exact manufacturing dimensions are available on request.


Block cylinder, with anti-rotation piston – application examples 


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