Machine Vise – Box Jaws

for turning and milling centers


  • box jaws are the more economic alternative to jaw chucks
  • lead screw and nut are completely encapsulated
  • jaw insert* for direct positioning of the workpiece on the faceplate
  • sturdy lead screw running in an almost maintenance-free plain bearing
  • steel base (nitrided)
  • easy preadjustment using a scale

For holding workpieces in milling and turning centres, ROEMHELD box jaws are the first choice. This new development combines a number of striking advantages compared with the normal level of technology available in the market. The lead screw and the nut are fully encapsulated for enhancing process safety: This avoids the presence of swarf in the lead screw area and thus wear and the subsequent failure of the box jaws. For a table diameter of approx. 1200 mm and above box jaws are the more economic alternative to jaw chucks.

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