Block-Type Work Supports

spring extended or air advanced


  • 7250 psi max
  • single Acting
  • spring extended
  • available in three sizes
  • inch or metric plunger threads



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Work Supports automatically adjust to the proper height for supporting a workpiece, then lock securely to become fixed rests. The block-type Work Supports shown here are very compact, and provide many plumbing options, including manifold mounting.Available in three sizes, inch or metric plunger threads, with the following load capacities at 7250 psi:
          1600 lbs (Metric only)
          2900 lbs (Inch & Metric)
          6500 lbs (Inch & Metric)
Support Action 

The plunger is normally extended by light spring force. When the workpiece is loaded, its weight depresses the plunger to the proper height. When fluid pressure is applied, the precision sleeve grips the plunger, locking it securely. Locking height is repeatable within +/-.0002″. Such excellent repeatability is possible because of two design features: 1) a precision sliding-fit pressure sleeve holds the plunger absolutely vertical even while unlocked, avoiding any inaccuracy due to locking a tilted plunger, and 2) locking force is entirely radial, so the plunger remains absolutely stationary during the locking process.

Design Considerations
Do not use the plunger to lift loads, or support side loads. The support plunger must always be protected against penetration of contaminants by a contact bolt (furnished). When supporting underneath a clamp, use a Sequence Valve to delay clamping until the Work Support has reached sufficient load capacity to resist the clamping force. Support load capacity should be at least 2 times clamping force at all times, to resist not only static clamping force but also dynamic forces due to clamping-arm momentum and machining forces.


Mounting & Fluid Supply 

Several possible mounting methods: 1) insert two socket-head cap screws from the plunger end, through the two counterbored holes parallel to the plunger; 2) insert two socket-head cap screws from the bottom end, through the two counterbored holes parallel to the plunger; 3) insert two socket-head cap screws through the two broad-side holes perpendicular to the plunger. 1/4″ BSPP port. For optional manifold mounting, use either the manifold port at the bottom end or the manifold port on the broad side by unscrewing the sealing plug and installing a CLR-3000-347-SW O-ring (also install a CLR-810-F Port Plug in the 1/4″ BSPP port). Do not use NPT fittings.


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Block-type Work Supports are easy to mount horizontally, as in this example of a slitting operation.