Block Cylinders – Double Acting w/ Position Monitoring

max. operating pressure 500 bar


  • with extended piston rod for position monitoring
  • 8 sizes each with 2 stroke lengths available
  • compact block design
  • many fixing possibilities
  • many connecting possibilities
  • operating temperature up to 150 °C due to standard FKM seals
  • maintenance-free
  • complete position monitoring available as an accessory
  • position monitoring easily screwable
  • adjustable switching point
  • standard inductive proximity switches with external thread M8x1 can be used
  • inductive proximity switches up to 120 °C available

The piston is equipped with a rod of diameter 10 mm that protrudes at the cylinder bottom. At this rod, the customer can fix a control cam that is used to operate any limit switch or sensor. As an accessory a complete position monitoring system is available. This unit contains a control cam as well as two inductive proximity switches. The switches can be displaced in the
housing. The housing will be screwed on at the cylinder bottom.


Position Monitoring 

The position monitoring will be screwed on at the cylinder bottom and can also be mounted in a position rotated by 180°. Different versions are available according to the application conditions. A control cam is provided at the extended piston rod causing the activation of the proximity switches. Adjustment of the switching position is affected by the displacement of the proximity switches in the lateral groove. The proximity switches are switched on in a stroke range of approx. 6 mm by means of the control cam. The minimum distance to the positions to be monitored depends on the switch type and is indicated in the chart. The position monitoring can alternatively be supplied with or without proximity sensors.

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