Ergonomic and Efficient Bicycle Assembly


Stationary assembly device for bicycles, cargo bikes, and e-bikes

electrically operated


The ROEMHELD BikeStand is a stationary, electrically operated manipulator for handling and assembly of bicycles up to 40 kg weight.


Due to its sturdy design in industrial quality, the ROEMHELD BikeStand is optimally applicable for assembly and repair.
The lifting and rotation axis are electrically operated. This relieves the assemblers.
Both axes are operated with a standard hand panel. Since both axes are self-locking, each set position is held securely.
The large stroke of 1350 mm makes it possible to lift the bicycles from the ground and bring them to an optimal assembly height. The optional rotation axis allows endless rotation at any height.


• Various clamping claws
• Mounting brackets for balanced positioning and improved accessibility
• Various base plates


Variants – available on request:
• Lifting axis (without rotation axis)
• Reinforced lifting axis up to 100 kg (without rotation axis)
• Fork mount (for cargo bikes)
• Lifting axis with 2 pick-ups (2 clamping claws arranged opposite each other)
• Variants for ceiling or wall mounting
• With base plate 1 x 1 m for installation without dowelling


● Efficient working by picking up and setting down all types of bicycles with 1350 mm electrical stroke and 360° electrical rotation axis
● Universal use due to interchangeable clamping pick-ups
● Safe working due to design according to EC Machinery Directive
● Ergonomic working through best accessibility due to force-free rotation of the bicycle with an electrical rotation axis.
● Accessory mounting bracket for improved accessibility of the left-hand side of the bike



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