Air/Oil Power Unit

Modular power unit with solenoid valves


  • fast clamp/unclamp times
  • pressure filter
  • return line filter
  • temp/level switch
  • system pressure switch
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The power units with safety circuits have been developed in view of the special requirements of hydraulic die clamping on presses. The pumps are supplied complete with required valves, pressure switches and electrical controls ready for connections to the press. The pumps are assembled from standard modular components. This provides a selection of the proper combination of hydraulic and electrical controls for most die clamping applications. The die lifter circuit provides an adjustable pressure reducer with circuit relief and a return line check valve. This keeps the die lifters that are not under the die up during stamping. Power unit comes complete in a protective frame with a remote pendant with key switches. Special Power Units available on request. Separate clamp circuit pressure switches on request.

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