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Centrick is a unique, new product for workpiece positioning with articulated arms for assembling heavy load products.
The center of gravity on the Centrick positioner is nearly stationary.

The platform on the Centrick moves back and forth and rotates, allowing maximum workpiece flexibility.

Products up to 4,400 lbs can be tilted 90° and rotated 360°.

Centrick is the latest sought-out innovation of assembly products from Roemheld that will help increase productivity and reduce accidents in your assembling process.


Centrick advantages:


  • Tilting (0-90°) and turning (360°) of products of any shape!
  • Ergonomic, space-saving and efficient handling of components
  • Low space requirement for easy integration into existing work/assembly areas
  • Movement and positioning of the workpiece near its center of gravity for mobility and security against tipping
  • Quiet electric drives (230 V) with very low power consumption
  • Holding brakes for maintaining a permanently stable work/assembly position
  • Extremely clean operation – no leakage
  • Dramatically reduced times for working and assembly



Centrick workpiece positioner with workpiece mounted and AGV drive unit.

Mount product once to minimize handling, resulting in reduction of accidents and downtime.


Advantages to your shop:


  • Greater employee motivation
  • Reduced accidents
  • Integration into your existing assembly lines and paced assembly processes (Industry 4.0)