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Appeared in the August 2015 issue of New Equipment Digest

Alexander Schul, Global
Assembly & Drive
Technology Head,
Carr Lane Roemheld

The editors of New Equipment Digest go behind the scenes for a special Q&A session to discuss the development and background of innovative products.

NED: What led Carr Lane Roemheld to produce these assembly units?

Schul: Roemheld developed these modular units to improve the efficiency of manual operations. The products (found at make people faster, increase output, and bring ergonomics and safety into high quality assembly lines. These are the benefits that have been realized by actual customers.

Q: How are these units different from similar ones on the market today?

The modular units make people faster, increase output, and bring ergonomics and safety into assembly lines.

We deliver a modular system. This gives high flexibility to the customer to integrate their own constructions and vises into the system. In addition, you always have the choice between manual and powered designs. You can start with easy assistance and develop up to semi-automatic systems.

Q: What problems needed to be addressed during the development process?

Whether we are developing a new function, signal interface, or energy source, the main challenge is to maintain the same modular interface for each new development.

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Q: How long did it take from conception to final production?

It took at least two years to come from customer specific designs to our current modular system. However, our modular unit offering is still evolving. Safety functions and integrated clamping are among the latest challenges.

Q: What effect did cost factors have in changing the final design of these products?

We focus our designs on quality and high endurance. The user always has the choice of powered or manual versions. We provide a wide range of options from basic cost-optimized designs on up.

Q: Who is your target audience and what benefits will they achieve from using these products?

We are targeting manual assembly of any goods, with weights from 20 to 300 lb (10 to 150 kg), even up to 1,300 lb (600 kg) for some applications. The biggest benefits come from the flexibility to combine the various systems in ways that meet the user’s varying needs.

We have great customer service along with expert advice from our engineering department. We have components that can help with your production productivity, from preparing the machine all the way to the last step in the assembly line.

The flexibility and robust design of our modular system guarantees it to be a worthwhile and long-lasting investment.

Q: Do you have any other interesting information you would like to add?

In addition to assembly products, we also offer productivity solutions in the areas of hydraulic workholding, production vises, quick-change die and mold, magnetic clamping, and zero point mounting.

Not only are we specialists for standard components, but we also are able to develop special solutions as projects. Carr Lane Roemheld’s biggest strength is the ability to deliver special design variations of our standard products in a fast and economical way.


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