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Hilma has announced the expansion of their line of wedge clamps. Such as a new version of the clamp, featuring a patented safety notch added to the tapered clamping bolt. The notch will support the upper die in the event of a pressure loss.

The clamp consists of a hydraulic cylinder block and a bolt guided within the housing. As it clamps and the bolt advances, it mechanically locks the die in place. With its 20 degree tapered clamp surface. In the unlikely case of a pressure loss, this new safety feature in the bolt will engage with a mating notch in the tapered clamping plate. The die set will securely hold the upper die. For example during unclamping, the extended bolt retracts fully into the housing for easy die removal.

The clamping elements, for instance with single or dual action, exert forces of 3 to 69 US tons. These clamps have a maximum temperature rating of 570°F. The clamps can be actuated via hydraulic, electric or springs. Position sensors are available to verify the extended / clamped or retracted / unclamped positions.

Wedge clamps come in a variety of styles allowing customers to configure clamping arrangements using a range of options from cooling circuits to sequence valve controls.

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